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davidbailie – David Bailie’s tradename (the spelling of Bailie is unusual), the two names are linked so as not to be confused with the illustrious David Bailey (chance would be fine thing )…… or anyone else called ---- Baillie --- or even Bailley or for that matter Bayley -- common spellings.

davidbailie.…….has been an actor (& quite a bit else) for nigh on 40 years.... he has been taking portraits of his fellow actors virtually since he entered the business. …..Some years ago, with the advent of the affordable digital DSLR and, being a computer afficionado from the very earliest days of the desktop computer, the various strands of his expertise merged and he launched himself into the professional photographic business…………

............in the beginning

…….davidbailie.……. was born at a quite young age in Springs, South Africa – so long ago he struggles to remember just when exactly….however he, having emmigrated to England at the age of 21 intent on becoming an actor, still feels the vast expanse, dryness & smells of the continent in his bones and this echoes in and influences very much his appreciation of the countryside and the way he approaches his landscape work, particularly evident in his photography of his recent trips to the USA & more recently Namibia…………..in addition, these african influences have been a useful counter point to his fine appreciation and love of the fecundity and the gentle green exuberance of the english countryside.

He travelled to the UK with the specific ambition of training as an actor – which finally he did having first working professionally in the provinces, ...… he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then went on to work in Repertory, The National Theatre under Sir Laurence Olivier and a five year stint at the Royal Shakespeare Company - where amongst other roles he played 'Florizel' opposite Judi Dench as Perdita in The Winters Tale……………He has also appeared substantially in Television – Dr Who, Warships, Play for Today, Play of the Month etc. etc. and has made a number of films the latest and most notably playing the mute ’Cotton’ in all three productions of Pirates of the Caribbean with the incomparable Johnny Depp – a venture which extended over a four year period.

Having quite a bit of time in between calls on ‘Pirates – accompanied by his wife Egidija, he took full advantage of the situation to travel vast distances in the USA ..25,000 miles in all – honing his skills as a Landscape photographer many of which can be seen here in the Gallery

His experience as an actor has developed his awareness of people and character which he uses to good effect capturing the essence of the individuals whom he photographs ……..… .davidbailie.……. has done much else in his life…….. he took time out of acting for a number of years, trained himself as a furniture maker finally running a business with a partner making bespoke furniture employing up to fifteen craftsmen……..he also was a CAD designer…….trained himself as a database programmer…….worked as a health and safety officer in the construction industry……….doing much of this having closed the furniture business down and re-establishing himself as an actor…….. a man of many talents!